Hi! I am Rianne, and I am a PhD researcher in Writing Analytics in the department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. I am passionate about using data mining techniques to gain insight into students’ learning behaviour, and to use this to improve learning and teaching.

In my PhD project, I am analysing students’ writing processes. With keystroke logging, we can obtain a fine-grained trace of students’ writing behaviour, such as planning and revising. I try to relate these data to higher-level writing processes. Using pattern mining and sequential analyses, I analyse how these writing processes evolve over the time of a writing task. In turn, I relate this to the process of learning to write, to be able to use these analyses to provide feedback to students on how to improve their texts and assist teachers in improving writing instruction. My PhD supervisors are Menno van Zaanen (Tilburg University), Luuk van Waes (University of Antwerp), and Pieter Spronck (Tilburg University).